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Used Bullets from a Pretty Pistol

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Used Bullets



August 24th, 2007


It's a friday night and Im currently:
and I owe people money and I can't pay it back, because I'm broke... and a loser... and I dont have a life. But you think with all I do for this certain person they could give me a break, it's only $11, right? and I mean, they owe me money to, but I convienantly "forgot" about it, for their sake, because they were broke at the time, just like I am broke now. But they use the excuse of "oh, well I did this for you... so, it's even."

June 16th, 2007

I forgot I even had this. Finding it is like waking up on christmas morning with tons of surprises, or cleaning your room and finding your favorite Tshirt you had forgotten you lost. It feels weird posting after so long, almost like I shouldn't even be here. I bought a random cd at half price books, and I can't even find the lyrics on google, and doesn't that place have everything? It's called Casey Scott - Creep City. I like it, but it's weird, considering it's from the early '90s. I also got a green buddah pencil topper for 75 cents. I wanted this weird picture book of this naked guy in the sea, the pages (there were almost a thousand, I'd say) were shiny and everything, but it was $75 and I don't have that kind of money. It was dissapointing.

January 17th, 2007


This is a test post from Photobucket.com

December 11th, 2006

Another Day

It's been forever. Im spilling goldfish crackers all over the floor... yesssss. I need to make my tea. I love green tea, I drink it everyday cause it's so good. I really freaked a lady out today - it was great. Julia (My cousin/best friend) and I were hanging out at this little restraunt in Irvine called Billy Bob's (hick town) and eating potato skins, and she came over to ask us if we needed anything, and I was talking about multicolored kangaroos that were in my dream, she just shook her head and walked away. (she thought I was high.)

I bought some awesome gloves... I love gloves... but only the hobo kind. I got in trouble because I didnt take my gloves off while shaking old peoples hands - I never knew it was rude. Some old man came up to me and started talking to me in walmart pharmacy. It scared the crap out of me. I caught myself from saying "are you here for crazy pills?!?!" He put his arm on me and was talking to me like he was my grandpa... well, not really - my grnadfather has this thing about windows... if he see's that my curtains are open or that my window is cracked open or anything he'll call and complian about it - it's OCD and he needs to take some pills. (He lives across the street.) Goldfish crackers are pretty morbid, if you think about it. "Wanna eat a smiling fish that tastes like cheddar???" Its not natural. Especially the fact they named the pretzel one gilbert. naming it gets you attached, and makes it harder to eat.

I can unrap a starburst with my tongue in under 30 seconds - I am superbly proud of my talents.

November 8th, 2006

(no subject)

You would think after the hundreds of times I've been in that stupid waiting room they would've changed something in it- but of course they didn't. It even has the same stupid floral arrangements, same stupid expensive fishtank... w/ no fish and same mean receptionist. I hate UK hospital.

I've decided that Im a loner, there is no other way around it.

Cruton has dubbed me the virgin Mary. Hoorah.

I am romantically helpless. I will die old and ugly and I'll rot in the mustard yellow floral chair in cheap pearls and a
zip up floral bathrobe and Ill have hairy armpits with 50 year old perfume on because Im so cheap!!!!

I hate school. I hate popsicle sticks. I hate crazed stalkers. I hate people that think I am nice. I hate people that say Im crazy. I hate people that say Im pretty. I hate my hair. I hate it when people ask questions..... Yeah, I hate school. That pretty much includes all of those things listed.

Being weird may not be as great as I thought it was... you get alot of stares and alot of questions and no friends... but I guess it's worth it - you have no oblijation to do anything for anyone.

November 7th, 2006

(no subject)

I've gotten in so much trouble lately, it's unreal... I started talking to the guy that observes the class... because they ALWAYS observe when I am in the room, and it's creepy. Stupid Mrs. Barret stole Sarahs playdough, of which I had made a cat for my English teacher, because she doesn't have a cat... But mrs barret ruins everything. Yesterday me and sarah were casually talking and covering my binder in foil while she was giving us a pathetic lecture, and mrs barret says "Im going to speak with you after class." So we went through the rest of class cracking up. Blah blah blah - at the end of class she comes up to us and says "one word" and me and sarah just look at her and go "what?" and she starts going on about how if we're not quiet were going to meet the "Dreaded Mrs. Tompkins" and Im just like WTF?! then when I leave the room, I hand her a paper and she says "thanks love" This lady is screwed up and bipolar and should not be in the teaching system. She can't even put grades in the computer right... but it was rather humourous.

Mrs. Swartz is now officialy the Jerry Springer of GRC.

November 3rd, 2006

(no subject)


Hole inside the apple, holds a nasty worm, deep inside it wriggles squeems and squirms, you never know, how sick your gonna get. You never know. Then it hits my stomach, makes me very sick, you never know, how sick your gonna get, you never know.

Q:Why do we have five toes?
A: Well, if your religious, Ill call it Alien Expiramentation, if not, then its EVOLUTION.

Q:What kind of metal do you like?
A: The shiny kind. *Giggle*

Q:How are you today?
A:Do you actually care?

Q:Why are you weird?
A:Why are you ugly?

Q:Why do you jeans have rips?
A:I bought them that way because clearance crap rocks.

Q:Is there anything important to you?
A:Not yet.

Q:What is wrong?
A:I can't tell you.

Q:How are you?
A:I like to paint red trees.

Q:Why do you write your E's backwards?
A:Why don't you write your E's backwards?

So, basically....... This is what I do everyday. People steal my notebook, ask me questions, and I give them pathetic/honest answers and then they think I am weird.

(no subject)

My trembling fingers repeatedly struck the 9 on the yellowing aged wallphone. The button was stuck. I heard a clash from within the house, they had gotten up, they were no longer knocked out from the violent blow to the head. I became even more frantic as the operators voice blared through the phone. I tapped the 9 with even more force, and it finally went through. I pushed the fallowing sequence into the phone "911" and the phone was dialing... but not quick enough. Another crash made me drop the phone in terror.

>>>>>So mercedes encouraged me to write another story, but if can't tell, Im a little rusty... and havent had time to write much... or even update, for that matter.

It's so awesome. The lead singer from the band exile, yeah well I've met him and didnt even know it. His great uncle lives down the road from me, and I bring him apples from my apple tree's all the time. It's great living in 50's suburbia.

October 13th, 2006

(no subject)

Handsome and Gretel
Babes in Toyland

Gretel said I know what's in your head
I vacuumed out my head
I know you're feeling bad you fucking bitch you cunthole bitch
I thought she meant it yeah
She really jacked my head
She went and done it
Handsome Gretel
My name is Gretel yeah
I've got a crotch that talks
And talks to all their cocks
It's been 12 city blocks you fucking bich
Gretel said Oh you feel so bad
I know you feel so bad
I thought she meant it
Handsome Gretel
I vacuumed out my head
Jumping from bed to bed my name is Gretel
A soul of metal
My name is Gretel yeah
I've got a sloppy slot
Handsome Gretel
Say violets hang around with toilets and look smack at us
And symbolize everything that is disgust and mistrust
Licorice eyes
Pin me down
My thighs are vices yeah
He is a stupid man
I love him all I can you fucking bitch
Addle girl
She pulls out all her curls
She is a stupid crotch
That's been 12 city blocks

October 11th, 2006

(no subject)

I love fall break. Julias coming soon (today)... and I just got back from her house. We've only had 1 day apart so far, and Ive got so much homework it's making me crazy. I've got to go to the dentist tomarrow. I hate the dentist so much. With all their sharp pointy things they poke your mouth with... Im to tired for life today... let me sleep. shes here.

September 24th, 2006

(no subject)

I remember a day like today from when I was a kid. It was all sunny and warm, and we still hung clothes on the clothesline, like simple people. I sat up on the "what once was new" tree house porch, the sun beaming in my face, I was laughing. My mother was even laughing. the sun would get caught in the still damp sheets of fabric, and I would always hide in them, thinking that no one could see me. I loved the dampness and smell of the fabric softener, feeling good on my skin in the hot sun. I wish it was still like that - innocent.

September 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

The sheets of rain pour down from the sky like the blanket of lies that consume every fiber of my being, covering me making me feel important, when no one even knows my name. Im crushed by my pitiful exsistance. Im used and abused, and they dont even know the half of it, yet they pretend like they do. I never make any scense.

September 20th, 2006

(no subject)

I did everything wrong, and now there will be hell to pay, but what other choice was there for it to work out? Now you two get to go on, and Ill be lost in the collision. Im paralyzed, I am numb, dont turn around, dont look back. I love you.
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